EMERSE (Electronic Medical Record Search Engine) was designed to help everyday users work with the free text documents (i.e., clinical notes) in medical records. It's been engineered to be fast, powerful and, above all, easy to use. EMERSE has been supporting users since 2005 with use cases ranging from operational to research data needs. EMERSE can handle free text data from any type of medical record system — if you can get the data out of your EHR, there should be a way to get it into EMERSE.

EMERSE is similar to natural language processing (NLP), but it's actually an information retrieval tool. That means it has a lot of similarities with software users are already familiar with including Google. Another advantage of EMERSE over traditional NLP is how simple it is to use, and how little effort is required to get started with it.

EMERSE is open source, free to use, and is accessible from any modern web browser, but requires a dedicated clinical IT team to install and securely manage the system.

EMERSE helps real people get real work done. Check out all of our materials online to learn more or contact us for additional information.


It's been estimated that 80% of all data in the EHR are found within the free text


Search is an effective way to fulfill many kinds of use cases requiring EHR data


EMERSE is mature, proven technology with a long track record of success


EMERSE has high satisfaction among users


EMERSE can handle free text data from all types of medical specialties and domains


EMERSE is vendor agnostic and can work with data from any kind of EHR


EMERSE provides Augmented Intelligence, to help you get your work done better and more efficiently


Security is enhanced because the data are centrally stored and managed


EMERSE is built on top of the highly popular Solr search technology


Searches with EMERSE are super fast


EMERSE has been used in hundreds of research studies


EMERSE helps make research more reproducible


The flexibility of EMERSE provides multiple advantages to teams engaged in research


EMERSE has been used to support many tasks for hospital operations


Researchers using EMERSE have published some of the largest studies in their fields